Our Story

Our vision bloomed one day in 2016 when the leaves were starting to change colors. We relieved some of our cousins of their parental duties so they could take a well-deserved break. After hours feeding, cleaning, bathing, chasing, and hurdling other challenges of parenting, we found ourselves sprawled out on the couch, completely exhausted, in awe of how tough the job was. Nevertheless, when our cousins returned and embraced their angels in their arms, we felt a connection. We saw devotion. We sensed warmth. They were in their own little world, where nothing mattered as long as they have each other. That’s when we knew we wanted to help parents create unforgettable memories with their angels.

Together, we have 18 cousins; after each of them got married, the number grew to 36. Year by year, they have brought little angels into our family, one after another. Being surrounded by so much love and joy made us determined to provide the best care for them to grow in an environment that is safe, beautiful, and filled with love. That being said, we know how difficult it is to find trustworthy products. As such, we commit to develop goods that are safe and of medical-grade quality. We wish for them to make your life easier and more meaningful. They have all been shared with our family and friends, and they have all been mommy and daddy tested and angel approved. We hope you and your angels enjoy using products of L’Ange as much as we do.


Our Promise



Safety comes first. We hold ourselves to the highest standard and only carry products that help parents care for their babies. We are proud to announce that all of our washcloth products are made with 100% medical grade cotton - the highest safety standard in the industry.



Quality is our priority. We ensure all of our  products are made of 100% natural and high quality materials. We only partner with  manufacturers who have met all international good manufacturing standards and exceed all fair labor practices.



The earth and her environment are just as important as each and every one of our babies. We strive to leave as little carbon footprint as possible to educate future generations in caring and sustaining a beautiful world.